Kirstie Alley to be a Mother-in-law!


Kirstie Alley’s 17-year-old son True is gettin’ hitched, and the actress and star of Kirstie Alley’s Big Life is….outraged! Scandalized! Grounding him for life! No, just kidding. She’s fine with it.

She announced the engagement yesterday on the Ellen DeGeneres show, saying that her teenage son and his teenage girlfriend have been dating for about a year.

“I feel good because they’re really in love. True’s got a level head,” she told Ellen. “He’s a good guy. He’s very monogamous, and he’s very sweet with her.”

Uh, OK. But what about the only being 17 part? Apparently, she doesn’t really see what that has to do with it.

“I was married at  just 19 years old and that didn’t work. Then I was married when I was 30 years old and that’s when everyone said you should get married and that didn’t work.”

For a moment there, I sort of see her logic with this. Then I remember that when I was a 17-year-old, I was an idiot. I’m pretty glad my parents didn’t let me run off and do every silly thing that popped into my head. And no matter how in love you may be, getting married at 17 is silly. There are just so many other options–they can keep dating, they can move in together, they can go to college together, or travel together around the world. Marriage will always be an option–why rush into it?

What would you do? Would you let your 17-year-old get married, or would you put your foot down?

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