Kobe Bryant Catches Up to Bob Pettit- Will Kobe Be the Biggest MVP Ever?


Kobe Bryant isn’t just valuable, he has been deemed the “most valuable.” Not just one, not just twice, but four times. This is a very esteemed honor that he doesn’t share alone.  Basketball great Bob Pettit also has been voted the MVP in basketball four times both holding the title of most MVPs ever. But will Kobe go on to not just tie, but to surpass the four MVPs to really be the most honored Most Valuable Player ever?

Kobe still has two years left on his Lakers three-year extension. So he has the time. The 32-year-old dad of two (8-year-old Natalia and 4-year-old Gianna) ain’t no spring chicken. But he said about the All-Stars game that,   “Being around so many young players re-energized me,”, adding, “I exceeded my dunk quota for the game.”

Do you think Kobe has it in him for one more MVP?