Kourtney Kadashian Marrying Scott Disick For $3 Million Reality Show


Oh no. Kourtney has been having lots of trouble with Scott Disick since the birth of Mason and it’s all been reported by the tabloids and caught on tape for Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. And while some of it may be for press and for entertainment value, the actions are too over the top and frequent to be staged. Now, the couple are reportedly going to tie the knot! When GIANT CAP LETTERS are staring at you from your check out line at the grocery store screaming that you are MARRYING A MONSTER, perhaps you should reconsider?

But it has to be a tough choice. Kourtney and Scott have a child together, which is reason enough and a good reason. A bad reason? They are also being offered $3 million for a show that will be about their wedding, reports In Touch.

“E! wants to develop a series based around their entire wedding, starting with the proposal and ending with the event. The deal with the network is worth a few million and then there is the opportunity to release a DVD of the series. They could really cash in if they do it.”

That’s a lot of money. Khloe and Lamar received just $1 million for their televised wedding.  It’s wrong to say but if Kourtney and Scott were both on the same page-say marry for the show and then get it annulled-then maybe they should consider it. It is recession after all.

Kourtney does not seem like she would be in it for the money, but instead for love.  She has previously stated “People act like Scott is this awful, horrible person. But I really do want to make this work, and not just for our baby. I want to make it work for me because I love him, and I want him to help himself.”

Kourtney’s mother Kris is not on board with the plans to marry and Khloe has said she will not attend the wedding. 

Do you think they should get married or is this a bad idea? Does the money sway your opinion?