Kourtney Kardashian And Mason Un-Photoshopped


kourtney-kardashian-outtakesThou shalt not Photoshop without permission. In response to OK! Magazine’s decision to Photoshop her post-baby body without her approval, Kourtney Kardashian is hoping to set the record straight by posting the raw, unmanipulated outtakes from the photo shoot on her website.

Apparently, Kourtney is not OK with OK!’s editors airbrushing away her reality. Another weekly claimed that Kourtney gained 26lbs during pregnancy, when she allegedly told them she gained 40 — a “typo” reportedly (take a quick glance at your keyboard and you’ll notice that 2 and 6 aren’t next to the 4 and 0 keys).

I guess most celebs don’t mind when a tabloid lies about their weight or airbrush their cellulite away. It pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the tabloid media: Fantasy sprinkled with a little reality here and there.

It’s weird to see just how unwilling the celebrity press is run unphotoshopped photos and accurate facts. I’m not saying it’s all their fault, mind you. Most celebs would probably throw a fit if their photos weren’t touched up by a Photoshop wizard.

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