Love It or Not? Kourtney Kardashian Appears in a Colorful Blouse and Oversized Pants (Photos)

Kourtney Kardashian arrives at DASH Miami.

There are fashion hits and fashion misses, and you can’t get it right every time. (Heaven knows I rarely do.)

On the plus side, Kourtney Kardashian looks great, figure-wise, just a few months after having her second child. The cameras caught her today making her way to the newest of her boutique stores, DASH Miami.

On the minus…well, she wasn’t wearing the most flattering outfit. Her bright silk shirt was a jumble of orange, turquoise and black patterns, oddly tied at the waist. And her loose black drawstring pants were so long that they covered her shoes. It’s fortunate she wasn’t carrying baby Penelope – one misstep and they both would have taken a header.

However, that orange Hermes Birkin tote is spectacular.

What’s your call? Is Kourtney’s look stunning or silly?

  • Don’t trip! 1 of 5
    Don't trip!
    The hem of Kourtney's pants may be a fashionable length, but it's also a rather dangerous one.
  • Followed by fans 2 of 5
    Followed by fans
    A guard holds back the crowd as they rush to snap their own shots.
  • Sunny outfit 3 of 5
    Sunny outfit
    Kourtney's color scheme is perfect for her Miami show.
  • The rear view 4 of 5
    The rear view
    The loose cut of both shirt and pants is evident in this angle.
  • A backward glance 5 of 5
    A backward glance
    Kourtney looks over her shoulder as she heads for her store.