Kourtney Kardashian Baby #2 on the Way - Will a Wedding Be On the Way Too?

Wedding Bells Next?

If I were Kourtney Kardashian I’d start planning my wedding like STAT. Seriously.  Her sister Kim Kardashian reportedly made a fortune on her televised wedding (even though the family is claiming they didn’t).  A shotgun wedding with a pregnant bride-especially a Kardashian bride will totally bring in the viewers and a new slew of sponsors (think Pampers, Gerber, and Johnson & Johnson).

So will they be getting hitched soon?

Probably. There isn’t any word yet (and the cover of USWeekly with the baby news says Kourtney “still won’t marry him”) but odds are the ball will start rolling. First step, Scott Disick needs to go ring shopping as soon as possible, the whole process will be great fodder for the show. Plus the episode where Kourtney tries to find the perfect maternity wedding gown will be must-see TV. If Kourtney and Scott are skiddish about making their relationship legal, well they shouldn’t be. As Kim proved, that whole marriage thing isn’t really binding. Plus the Kardashian fans out there need some kind of happy ending, especially after the sad end to Kim and Kris’s marriage.

But Scott and Kourtney aren’t Kim and Kris. They have been together a long time and already have a son. Scott’s been getting his act together and may finally be mature enough to make the next step. He told OK!, “I love Kourtney more than anything in the world. We’ve come a long way. I finally have come to the place in my life where I realize what’s important.”

Now it’s just a matter of time and money (those Kardashian weddings are big business!)


You just can’t beat a fairy tale wedding– unless it’s a Movie Wedding!