Kourtney Kardashian Considers Swimming Lessons for Mason


Kourtney Kardashian blogged on today about her recent trip to New York City with the entire Kardashian clan, including boyfriend Scott Disick and baby son Mason Dash Disick. It was baby Mason’s first trip to the Big Apple, so Kourt and Scott made sure to take him all around the city–Scott’s hometown. They even made time to take Mason out to the Hamptons to visit Scott’s parents–and allow the baby some east coast pool time. Read more after the jump.

Kourtney blogged, “Mason LOVES the pool! (Lots of sunscreen, a swim diaper and a big hat, of course.) We’re glad to hear the new mom takes the right sun precautions with her son, and now she’s turning to readers for advice on more things to consider with Mason.

She wants her little boy to start swimming lessons this summer, after hearing that starting babies earlier in the water is better than later (“because of their natural survival instinct to hold their breath under water.”) But, she is scared about the prospect of getting Mason into the pool too early. She said in her blog, “The combination of a pool and a baby does scare me if lots of caution isn’t taken though.”

Kourtney turned to her loyal readers to get advice on when is a good time to start swimming lessons for a baby. While we know lots of people like to start their kids super early–as babies or toddlers–others may be more hesitant. What are your thoughts? When did you start your kids?