Kourtney Kardashian Craves Cold Stuff


kourtney-kardashianHow will Kourtney Kardashian keep up her curvy, preggo figure while she prepares for a nude photo shoot with Playboy? According to a recent interview, she’s not chowing down on fast food, pickles and chocolate like the stereotypical pregnant woman, she’s lucky enough to be craving heath food and smoothies. Seriously.

From Us Magazine:

“You know what’s weird? Like, I always thought, like, if I was pregnant I would eat like, McDonald’s or like, Taco Bell all day long or something,” she says. “I’m not craving those things. Like, I’ve been craving, like, cold stuff like frozen yogurt and smoothies and like, I’ve been eating way more fruit then I used to eat before.”

Wow, that’s convenient for someone who’s got really nothing going for them career-wise aside from looking hot… which she does well. Kourtney also blabbed on about her philosophy on whether or not you should learn the sex of your baby:

“I haven’t decided if I want to find out,” she admits. “I do, like to decorate the room and stuff, but then I feel like it’s such a surprise, so I’m like, ‘You can’t take it back once you know. So I’m like, I don’t want to know yet.”