Kourtney Kardashian Craving Junk Food While Pregnant!

kourtney kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian is HUNGRY!

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with her second child, and while she had quite a bit of morning sickness during her first trimester, it sounds like she’s finally getting her appetite back.

In fact, Kourtney has had some cravings lately that are a bit out of character for someone like her who doesn’t usually eat junk food!

Kourtney posted the following update to her Twitter account today:

“Craving a cheeseburger, fries and chicken nuggets…this is SO not like me!!”

They say that you crave what your body needs while you are pregnant, so my guess is that Kourtney’s system is trying to make up for all of the nutrients she didn’t soak up while enduring morning sickness. Judging from her fast food cravings, her body must be desperate for salt and protein!

My advice to Kourtney would be to go ahead and indulge in all things delicious while she is expecting. I stuck to a very healthy diet while pregnant with my son and still put on a good 50 pounds, and now I wish I’d just enjoyed myself a little more!

Kourtney isn’t alone in her cravings, as plenty of other celeb moms craved junk food while pregnant as well. What were your big cravings?

Photo: PRPhotos