Kourtney Kardashian Does Breastmilk "in the Nose" Trick


Kourtney Kardashian, breastfeeding, and infant noses: already, the reality star has proven to be a better mom than I am. I was reading her blog on People‘s Moms & Babies site, and came across this line, in response to a fan who asks why she doesn’t breastfeed on airplanes, rather than bringing a bottle of pumped milk: “I actually do nurse on takeoff and landing while traveling. But I bring the bottle for emergencies and for the milk in the nose trick.”

The Milk in the Nose trick? A quick search shows I may be the only new mom not clued in to this. 

Apparently, breastmilk works like saline solution to clear an infant’s congested nose. A few drops or a quick squirt is all it takes. Kourtney also wrote, “I’ve nursed Mason while shopping in the shoe section at Neiman Marcus, in dressing rooms, in my car, wherever I need to.”

How about the rest of you, did you already know breastmilk-nose trick? And have you actually squirted breastmilk up your tots nostrils?