Kourtney Kardashian Gives Her Baby Bump A Ride In Scott Disick's Rolls Royce (Photos)

kourtney kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian and her baby bump!

One of our favorite reality stars Kourtney Kardashian gave us a glimpse at her growing baby bump on Thursday (March 22) as she entered partner Scott Disick’s Rolls Royce.

Kardashian, who is expecting her second child with Scott, wore a pair of laced up Christina Louboutins and an Easter-looking outfit as she shopped on Robertson Blvd. And we’re not complaining – we definitely love the look!

Kourtney makes pregnancy look good!

Take a look at the photos below where Kourtney trudges around in Louboutins as she enters Scott’s beautiful Rolls Royce!

  • Bump Watch 1 of 8
    Bump Watch
    A pregnant Kourtney Kardashian walks down Robertson Blvd and carefully gets into partner, Scott Disick's Rolls Royce in Los Angeles.
  • Louboutins 2 of 8
    Kourtney looked ravishing in tied Louboutin heels!
  • Classy Entrance 3 of 8
    Classy Entrance
    Kourtney made sure to wear shorts instead of a skirt so she wouldn't take the risk of showing off too much skin when entering the car. Those Kardashians are so classy!
  • Lightened Hair 4 of 8
    Lightened Hair
    Kourtney's gorgeous lightened hair blew in the wind as she got into the car.
  • Real Beauty 5 of 8
    Real Beauty
    This car, just like Kourtney, is a real beauty!
  • Watching the Shoes 6 of 8
    Watching the Shoes
    Kourtney pulled the door shut, but made sure not to scuff those precious Christina Louboutins!
  • Beauty 7 of 8
    Kourtney is one beautiful pregnant woman.
  • Drive Into the Sunset 8 of 8
    Drive Into the Sunset
    Kourtney and partner Scott Disick drive down Robertson Blvd!

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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