Kourtney Kardashian Has To Censor Her Family Around Mason


In Kourtney Kardashian’s final mommy blog, the mom to baby Mason discussed her family members’ not-so-clean mouths. The reality TV star said that growing up, her parents never swore–and it was a big deal the first time she swore herself. But she fully admits that now, all of her family members let loose with their language. And it’s starting to concern her, when it comes to Mason.

Kardashian said in her blog that when Mason was first born, everyone was more careful about what they said around him. But now, things have changed. “As time goes on–and especially in my family where everyone has a mouth on them–people forget to censor what they say around Mason,” she wrote. The new mom admitted that her boyfriend–and Mason’s dad–Scott, and sister Khloe are “the ones with the worst mouths,” and that even though they try to keep it clean around Mason, they don’t often succeed.

Now Kardashian is worried about when Mason starts talking and understanding the words that are said around him. “Having a bad mouth is not a good quality regardless of whether or not you’re around a baby, so it wouldn’t be the worst thing for everyone to stop,” she said. “But I also don’t want to set unrealistic rules for everyone around me.”

Again in this blog, Kardashian reached out to her readers to ask advice on how to get friends and family to censor themselves around her baby. Do you have any advice for Kourtney?