Kourtney Kardashian Hasn't Been to Grocery Store in 8 Months: Is That How She Lost All Her Baby Weight?


kourtney kardashian“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star Kourtney Kardashian documented 8-month-old son Mason’s first trip to the grocery store yesterday, posting an adorable picture on her web page of her tot riding in a cart. But what’s weird about this picture, besides the fact that the cart was stuffed with donuts, Doritos, and all kinds of other junk that I’m sure the petite star never actually eats? The fact that Mason is 8 months old! Kourtney has not been to the grocery store in almost 9 months!!

By the time my kids were 8 months, they had been on so many trips to the grocery store they could have driven there themselves. My youngest’s first trip came when she was less than a week old, in fact.

But I guess when you are a star, it’s a little different. Kourtney admits on her blog that it has been eight and a half months since she made a trip to the market!

Now I like Kourtney she’s cute and funny even though she clearly can’t pick a good man. But how do you go nearly nine months without setting foot in a grocery store? Maybe that is why Kourtney dropped all the baby weight so fast. She doesn’t have any food in her house.