Kourtney Kardashian Looks Pregnant: Baby Bump or Big Meal?

kourtney kardashian
Does Kourtney Kardashian have a baby bump?

Stop the presses…Kourtney Kardashian totally looks pregnant. It seems like one of the Kardashian ladies goes on major bump watch every few days, and so far, Kourtney is the chosen one this week.

Kourtney was spotted wearing this black and white dress in New York City, and as you can see, she looks noticeably fuller around the middle. Her stomach appears to be bulging under the dress, begging the question, “Is Kourtney Kardashian pregnant?”

Of course, pregnancy rumors surrounding the Kardashian ladies have proven to be false many times in the past, so there’s always the chance that Kourtney is the victim of a bad camera angle…or eating a big meal.

Here are more very recent photos of Kourtney. Does she look pregnant to you?


  • Baby on Board? 1 of 6
    Baby on Board?
    Kourtney's mid-section looks fuller.
  • Could it be the dress? 2 of 6
    Could it be the dress?
    Is this frock making her belly appear larger?
  • Hiding a Bump? 3 of 6
    Hiding a Bump?
    Kourtney's dress appears to have a round bulge under it!
  • Tough to tell… 4 of 6
    Tough to tell...
    Is Kourtney pregnant?
  • Bulky outfit or new baby? 5 of 6
    Bulky outfit or new baby?
    This outfit doesn't help pregnancy speculation.
  • Loose Dress 6 of 6
    Loose Dress
    Kourtney normally wears fitted clothing. Why is she wearing this baggy dress?