Kourtney Kardashian Names Daughter Penelope! Twitter Reactions to the Unique Name Choice (Photos)


Twitter responds to Kourtney Kardashian's baby name choice via Babble.comI am a big baby name person — for my own kids I really take the time to look into the traditional and non-traditional meanings behind the name. I think about family traditions and ties to anything historic and I really love unique names.

No group is better at the unique names then celebrities. It’s a big deal whenever a famous couple has a baby and for the next while everyone is talking and giving their opinion on what they named their new bundle. If it’s a simple name people will speculate on whey the are not creative. If it’s a creative name people will bash them wondering what they were smoking. If the name is somewhere in between, like the new name given to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick‘s new girl Penelope, people still have mixed opinions on their name choice. It’s being talked about so much that it’s trending right now on Twitter.

Click through to see some of the reactions (good and bad) to Kourtney and Scott’s decision to name their daughter Peneople Scotland:

  • Let the Bashing Begin 1 of 10
    Let the Bashing Begin
    It never fails, it always happens either way.
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter
  • Not Sure 2 of 10
    Not Sure
    I am sure there are many who have mixed feelings -- first name is pretty while the middle name is quite unique.
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter
  • So Pretty! 3 of 10
    So Pretty!
    Some people can appreciate the beauty in the unique name.
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter
  • Tough Time 4 of 10
    Tough Time
    The middle name brings a lot of attention since it's not a name normally given.
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter
  • Wimbeldon 5 of 10
    Perhaps a name change in the future?
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter
  • Gone Bad 6 of 10
    Gone Bad
    I am glad I'm not a celeb, so people don't overly criticise my kids names.
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter
  • Fancy Words 7 of 10
    Fancy Words
    Well, they are fancy words but they sound great together, no?
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter
  • So Cute 8 of 10
    So Cute
    Just think of all the cute nicknames she can be given.
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter
  • Can’t Compete 9 of 10
    Can't Compete
    Another celeb name that was talked about for a while due to the unique pairings.
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter
  • Country Name Change 10 of 10
    Country Name Change
    Ah, some people just feel really bad for Scotland. I bet Daddy Scott is happy about it.
    Photo credit: screen shot from Twitter

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