Kourtney Kardashian On Her New Bikini Body


Imagine this. You gain 40 pounds during your pregnancy. You struggle to lose all the weight post baby. You have some great progress and are ready to slip into a bikini again. Instead of taking it slow for your first post baby bikini wearing and going to a deserted pool or beach you instead pose for the cover of a tabloid. Sound bold? That’s exactly what Kourtney Kardashian did. The new mom posed in bright red two piece for the cover of this week’s Life and Style. She dished about her new bod

On showing off her new post-baby body:
“I feel good! I’m just starting to get comfortable being in a bikini again. I’m excited. Scott told me recently that he could tell my body was changing. He also said he could tell I’m noticing it because I’ll do these stupid dances in the mirror.”

On What hubby Scott thinks of her new bod:
He’s always complimentary. He loved my post-baby body, but I think he’s excited I’m getting my old body back too.

On reaching her goal:
Kourtney: I have a few pounds until I get back to what I was before: 100 pounds. But I feel comfortable. I weigh about 107 pounds.

On having another baby:
Kourtney: I don’t know. I’ll see what happens, but I’m definitely not opposed to it.

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