Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant & Alone?


kourtneykardashianpregantagainOh my!  According to the the latest issue on In Touch, Kourtney Kardashian is knocked up again! And she’s alone!

How believable is this? Very.

It’s no secret Kourtney has been wanting another child so that Mason will be close in age to his sibling. On the last episode, her and Scott were making it like bunnies in an attempt to have another kid. Scott even had to pay someone to go into the store and buy lube so that the paps wouldn’t get photos (Celebs! They’re not like us!).

In the end however, it seemed like Kim had calmed Kourtney down and she agreed with Scott that they should go back to just having fun and seeing what happens.

Maybe something happened? As for the alone part, it would fit perfectly with Scott’s pattern. They’ve been on the rocks for some time and seem to be in the cycle of apart, together, apart, together.

Do you think Kourtney is pregnant?