Kourtney Kardashian: Quit Breastfeeding Early Due to Pressure from Her Sisters!

Kourtney Kardashian

Siblings, your children and your parents can have quite an impact and influence on what choices you make. It’s like peer pressure times 10. And if you have a family that is as outspoken as the Kardashians, than it would probably be pretty hard to resist their teasing and taunting.

Earlier this week the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner said she got plastic surgery because she was tired of her kids comparing her under chin waddle to a turkey and she’s not the only one that succumbed to the Kardashian pressure. On the Today Show on Thursday Kourtney Kardashian admitted that her sisters comments lead her to stop breast feeding earlier than she wanted. She said…

that if she could do it again that she would breastfeed for two years. Kourtney stopped breastfeeding her son Mason at 15 months because her sisters kept telling her that it was time for her to stop. And when she did stop she said it was “traumatizing.” She also talked about the pressure with E! Online that “I mean, everyone would say, it’s time, it’s time, come on,” she says. “I started to stop a little bit, weaning and all that, and I’m like, Why am I doing this? If I’m happy and he’s happy. So I said, Let me see when he asks me for it–which is like, he doesn’t talk, just pulling at my shirt a little. So I said, Let me see, and he only asked once a night. So I did it and he just stopped. I’m like, I just want to do what he wants.”