Kourtney Kardashian Talks About Taking Mason To Work


Mommy blogger Kourtney Kardashian presented a new issue to her readers: what to do when it’s time to go back to work. Mason’s mom starts off her blog on by graciously say, “After having Mason, I have a whole new respect for mothers. I feel such a sense of empowerment being a mom. But I do wonder: How do they/we do it all?”

Kardashian describes her ever-changing work schedule, from buying and managing her store with sisters Kim and Khloe–DASH–to posing for photo shoots and designing for her clothing, jewelry and bikini lines. Though it’s definitely chaotic, Kardashian says the majority of her work allows her to spend lots of time with her son, and even bring him along. “I bring Mason with me everywhere that I can as long as it’s safe,” she wrote.

And when she can’t bring Mason along to her various engagements, Kardashian has a large family to help care for him–and even allow her to have some “me” time–though not at a cost. For example, when she saw Sex and the City 2, her step-dad Bruce Jenner watched Mason, and Kardashian couldn’t totally take her mind off him. “An hour into the movie I started to feel guilty, like, ‘Why am I at a movie? I would rather be with my son, he’s the most important thing to me,'” she said.

How did you cope with going back to work? And what about that mother’s guilt of first leaving your baby with someone else?