Kourtney Kardashian's Pregnancy Belly: It's a Wrap


kourtney-kardashian-baby-mason-belly-banditKourtney Kardashian is determined to shed her post-pregnancy pounds and she’s hoping the Belly Bandit will help her out. The Belly Bandit is a corset-like, post-pregnancy belly wrap that supposedly not only gives you support but helps you shed pounds. I wonder if it works eleven years after you’ve given birth? Not that I’m inquiring for myself, of course.

Kourtney is not only using a Belly Bandit, but she’s designed a wrap of her own. “I’m so excited to announce my collaboration with Belly Bandit,” the reality-tv star wrote on her blog. “I designed a limited-edition Belly Bandit that I have been using successfully since giving birth.

“One of the first things my friends with kids told me when I got pregnant was ‘buy a Belly Bandit!’ so I was thrilled to team up with them and actually get to design one so that it is sexy, stylish and actually helps tighten and shrink your belly after giving birth.