Kourtney Kardashian's Son Mason Takes Flight


At just six months, Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason is a regular jet setter. He’s been to as many places as it takes some people in a lifetime, touching down in Miami, Chicago, Charlotte, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Ind., and LasVegas. He even has a passport just in case mom needs to make an intercontinental appearance.

“At first, I was scared to travel with him,” the new mom says on her blog on “I’m sure every parent goes through it. You don’t know how your baby will be — what if he gets sick or his ears hurt from the pressure in the cabin? One travel tip I got from my doctor: He told me to nurse Mason during take off and landing. He also recommended I put some breast milk in Mason’s nose because it has antibodies that can help him from catching a cold on the flight.”

Good advice, but just getting to the airport can be a nightmare trying to think of all the gear you may possibly need and packing it in to 1,2,3,5 bags and hauling it from gate to terminal to Cinnabun. How does Kourtney do it?

Well, being that she is not your average citizen, when she went to Miami she shipped almost everything there (add that to your wish list of celebrity luxuries). What she did bring was his diaper bag and his Orbit stroller/car seat system.

As for the other baby travel nightmare-the one where they start crying and everyone on the plane collectively groans and the 14 year old next to you rolls her eyes and turns up her iPod-hasn’t happened yet to Kourtney. She says, “Mason didn’t make a peep, not even the slightest start of a cry. By the end of the flight, every person who had looked terrified when they saw we were bringing a baby on board told us that he was the best baby they had ever seen fly. All of Mason’s traveling experiences since have been just as good.”

What’s the secret? She’s not giving it away, but she does have a nanny travel with her which probably makes things less stressful.