Kris Jenner Battles the Working Mom Guilt and Branches Out with BG5 (Video)


bg5This week Keeping up with the Kardashians turned from the ongoing Kourtney Kardashian / Scott Disick drama and moved into some familiar territory for many of today’s moms who have faced the question of whether to spread their wings beyond their own families.

“It was always my intention to get involved in the business with [my ex-husband],” Kris says.  “But once we started having kids, I decided to dedicate myself solely to the family.  As much as I enjoy being a ‘momager’, I think it would be really amazing to have an identity outside of my own family.”

While stage mom Kris Jenner found herself faced with a decision on expanding her professional goals and what impact that decision would have on her family when asked to manage a band, BG5, her family was less than supportive.   

“She’s managing our entire family, and now she wants to manage this band?” Kourtney said of the offer. “What does she even know about the music business anyway?”

How did Kris Jenner decide – to manage or not to manage BG5?

After much waffling back and forth, Kris ultimately decided it was time to expand her own brand and take on the new project with BG5.  I’m sure the new managing gig will bring some more drama for the rest of the season of Keeping up with the Kardashians.