Kristen Hall Gains $14 Million Settlement From 'Sugarland' Band

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Kristen Hall Gains $14 Million Settlement From 'Sugarland.'

They say sugar isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And the same goes for big-time country music band Sugarland. Kristen Hall, the founding member of the band, left after 2005 and sued for profits the band has made ever since.

Kristen left the group in order to focus on songwriting. Little did she know that the band would take off like wildfire. Hall believes she played an important role in making the group a success. She demanded 33 percent of the profit for her effort and also success of the debut album.

Monsters & Critics reported that a $14 million settlement between Hall and Sugarland has been made.

That’s a lot of green! But, I am sure it is petty cash compared to what Sugarland is worth today.

Do you think Kristen Hall deserved $14 million?