Kristen Stewart Beats Angelina, Jennifer Aniston In Top Earners List

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Kristen Stewart Tops 2010 Earnings List.

In their March issue, Vanity Fair estimates the top 2010 earnings of Hollywood’s 40 most powerful players, not including television or endorsement deals.

James Cameron, 56, came out on top with $257 million, mainly coming off of Avatar in which he wrote, produced, and directed.

The Twilight trio cracked the top 15 with Taylor Lautner (#9; $33.5 million), Kristen Stewart (#13; $28.5 million), and Robert Pattinson (#15; $27.5 million).

In fact, Stewart, 20, ranked as the highest earning female, beating out leading ladies Jennifer Aniston (#18; $24.5 million) and Angelina Jolie (#21; $21.5 million).

And Stewart turned down the option to play Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s Superman re-boot? What gives? I’d say keep rolling in the money!

What do you think about Stewart turning down the coveted role of Lois Lane?