Kristen Stewart Lois Lane Rumor False

kristen stewart
Kristen Stewart Will Not Play Lois Lane

In the upcoming remake of Superman, there were rumors going around that Kristen Stewart had been approached to play the role of Lois Lane, but it looks like she and Clark Kent may never be an item. Guess you really can’t top the whole Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen love story.

Hollywood Life reported that Kristen Stewart turned down the chance to play Lois Lane because she would rather focus on smaller, more independent films after the Twilight Saga is over. Kristen Stewart’s rep has now spoken to PEOPLE and said, “The fact is that she has not met on this film nor has she been approached for this film.”

Kristen Stewart is one of the most highly coveted actresses in Hollywood, and you’d think she’d want to stay on top and take on big roles. If she were to be approached about playing Lois Lane, do you think she’d do it? Or is Kristen more comfortable out of the limelight?

Photo: PRPhotos