Kristen Stewart To Play Casey Anthony In New Film?

Kristen Stewart to play Casey Anthony?

Well, we can see the resemblance in this one.  According to rumors from Hollywood insiders, “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart has been tipped to portray Casey Anthony, the mother who has been indicted for felony murder and is currently on trial for the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

The idea of making a film about little Caylee seems insensitive enough, but we can see where Kristen Stewart could pull off a good Casey Anthony on screen, with both women sharing similar looks, mannerisms, and even intensity in their expressions.

Although there is no script or role currently available, even if the movie ends up being made, we doubt we’d tune in for this one.

The murder trial, which is currently taking place in an Orlando courthouse, is expected to wind up in the next few days.

Do you think Hollywood is right in making a film about Casey Anthony?  Would you watch if Kristen Stewart was in the movie?