Kristen Stewart: Why All the Hate for Kristen Stewart? Jealous of Robert Pattinson?


Robert Pattinson-Kristen StewartWhy all the hate for Kristen Stewart? Are people jealous because she’s Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are watched by the world with a microscope. They are dating but they are very private about their romance in public. The couple sat next to each other at the People’s Choice Awards 2011 last night and Robsten, along with Taylor Lautner went up on stage after The Twilight Saga: Eclipse won the People’s Choice Awards winner for favorite movie.

At the PCA, Robert Pattinson tries to grab Kristen Stewart’s hand to hold it as they walk to the stage, but she won’t take it. All over the web people are making a big deal of it.My fellow Famecrawler blogger asked:

“Did Kristen simply not notice that Robert was trying to hold her hand…or did she deliberately avoid physical contact with him because she didn’t want to be seen holding his hand on camera?”

Some even say that Kristen Stewart ruins Breaking Dawn for fans!

Why are people so mean to Kristen Stewart?

Photo: PacificCoastNews