Kutilda Woods Mad At Her Cub


sam-woods-tiger-woods1Tiger’s mom Kutilda Woods is understandably disappointed at her cub.

“[She] is hurt, angry and disappointed in Tiger,” a friend told People magazine. “She wants to know how he could do this to his family.”

The source added: “It was devastating to her. She likes Elin, and adores her grandchildren. She’s worried about them. She doesn’t want to see them hurt.”

While Tiger’s wife Elin is spending the holidays in Sweden, Woods will be spending the time on his yacht named Privacy.

The friend said: “He’s devastated about everything he has lost,” says the friend. “He’ll go through some dark times. It’s going to be a lonely Christmas for him.”

It turns out that Tiger’s dad cheated on Kutilda a lot when they were married so this must be such a big blow to her.