Kyle Richards' Sitcom: 5 Suggestions Who Could Play Her! (Photos)

Kyle Richards Gets a Sitcom!

Like Kyle Richards doesn’t have enough on her plate. She’s a wife, mother of four, a reality star and has been promoting her own book “Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real With the Housewife Who Does It All.” . In other words – she is busy, really busy. But now she can add sitcom creator to her resume. Yes, Kyle Richards wrote and sold a pilot of a half-hour sitcom she wrote.

What is it about?  It’s about her life. She told the Associated Press, “it’s about my life. It’s basically my life being a juggling mom, wife and being on a reality show.”

So who will play Kyle? She had a couple of suggestions (as did we!). Check out who might be a good fit for the sitcom version of Kyle right here:

  • Jennifer Aniston 1 of 5
    Jennifer Aniston
    When asked who should play her, Kyle first thought was Jennifer Aniston...making a return to TV. Her other casting thought?
  • Jenny McCarthy 2 of 5
    Jenny McCarthy
    Funny gal Jenny McCarthy. Kyle told the AP that, "I would want it to be somebody that's really funny and could capture the humor of being a mom and all the humor that comes with being on a reality show."
  • Paris Hilton 3 of 5
    Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton has been sporting dark hair recently, maybe she's trying to make a play for the chance to play her aunt.
  • Jane Krakowski 4 of 5
    Jane Krakowski
    This is the last year of 30 Rock, so Jane Krakowski will need a job. She could be a hilarious Kyle.
  • Rose Byrne 5 of 5
    Rose Byrne
    Rose Bryne is usually far more serious but she showed her funny side in Bridesmaids .