Kylie Minogue Will Spoil Dannii's Baby


As a parent, you may worry from time to time about spoiling your child. When it comes to someone else in the family’s kid, spoil away and let them deal with the consequences!

That’s Kylie Minogue’s attitude anyway, as she prepares to lavish her sister Dannii’s first baby (due this summer) with stuffed animals and attention.

Apparently, Kylie’s hoping her latest record will sell, so she can buy a mountain of high-end plush toys for her future niece or nephew. Says Kylie:

“I haven’t bought anything yet but trust me, I will be… My album better sell because I will be getting so much stuff.”

“It is so exciting my little sis is going to be a mum. I haven’t really seen her so I can’t wait to get my hands on that baby bump. When the baby arrives I am going to spoil it rotten, just like all aunties should.”

Hold up. Is Kylie trying to guilt her fans into buying her latest album, thus enabling her to feel her toy-buying auntie addiction?


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