Kyocera Echo: 5 Things to Know - Sprint Annoucement About Their New Smart Phone


The Sprint announcement Feb 7th will be biggie. They even enlisted magician David Blaine to add a bit more pazazz to their press conference/party happening at 6pm (EST).  So what is the big Sprint announcement? The rumored release of the Kyocera Echo – their brand new Smart Phone.

So what is the Kyocera Echo and will it be a mobile entertainment center in ways that the iPhone has become? Will the Echo be used not just my business people, mom and dad but also the kids?  Will it be, as they say, fun for the whole family?

Here are 5 things to know about the Kyocera Echo!

The Kyocera Echo is said to be the “the first dual-touchscreen smartphone”

The two screens will have a “pivot hinge” design so that the screens can be viewed side by side and items can be dragged from one screen to the other.

Each screen will be around 3.5″ each and can be combined for more “real estate.”

It folds together so that is still “pocket-friendly,” like the size of regular smart phone.

It will run on a Android operating system.


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