Kyra Sedgwick Looks Forward To Having Grandchildren

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick is looking forward to have grandchildren.  But not quite yet… her kids still have some growing up to do!

The Closer star will have some free time once the show ends… what will she do?

“Honestly, I’m a bit scared. I’m not a hobby person. I look forward to grandchildren because I think that will be my hobby, but that’s probably not going to happen for a long time,” she told

Sedgwick has two children, 22 and 19,  with husband Kevin Bacon.

“Hopefully, I’ll take up knitting or something when I’m not working,” she said.

When asked, Kyra imagines one day when her children do move out, get married (or not) and have children (or not).

“There’s something to waking up and thinking, ‘What am I doing today?’ instead of, ‘How can I squeeze in what I need to do around their schedules?’

But hearing my kids walk through the front door saying hello is still the best sound to me.”

I can’t agree more with Kyra!

What do she and hubby Kevin do for fun on a “perfect date”?

“Um … what do you think?” Kyra laughed.  “We like to be alone together, and then go out to dinner. I really love to talk about thoughts and feelings. That never gets old.”

Photo: PCN

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