La La Vazquez & Carmelo Anthony Get Their Own Reality Show! What Is It?


You’ll soon be getting even more up close and personal with La La Vazquez and her NBA star hubby Carmelo Anthony. You were invited to wedding via VHI’s reality show La La’s Full Court Wedding and now they’ll be taking you home with the new foray into letting the camera’s in for a close up in their new upcoming reality show called La La’s Full Court Life. So what’s the deal with their newest show and what’s up with the interesting timing?

Just days after Carmelo Anthony left Denver for the Knicks VHI announced that they snagged the show on the power couple and their family. The two have a son who is about to turn four year old.  VHI said of the show:

“Viewers connect with La La because despite the fairy tale wedding and NBA star husband, she is a real, down to Earth, hardworking woman who stays true to herself. The best thing about the new series is that while pursuing and realizing her dreams, La La gets to take us back to her home in New York, where her story began.”

Yes, La La will be back in New York as will her now New York Knicks hubby.

Will you be tuning in?

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