La Toya: It "Doesn't Matter" Who The Real Father Is


janet-paris-prince-blanket-300x2171In La Toya Jackson’s interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20, Michael Jackon’s older sister officially weighed in on the biological father controversy, saying that they’re Michael’s kids because he raised them. She also discussed a little about how Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket are going to be raised.

“It doesn’t really matter, those are Michael’s kids,” she said. “He raised those kids. They were in his arms when they were born.”

I don’t often look to the Jacksons for wisdom, but for once, I think La Toya is right on. For a society that supposedly holds family values so dear, who cares about the genetic father of MJ’s kids? Even if MJ’s kids were fathered by someone else, that person is in no other way their “father.”

Another highlight of La Toya’s interview came when talked about Paris’ ongoing tribute to her father: the necklace that she put on at Michael’s viewing, which only La Toya and Paris attended. Says La Toya:

“She [Paris] put a heart that she had purchased… and she wanted Michael to have that heart, because it’s the kind that separates the love part so you have two… She wanted to put it around his neck, and we couldn’t get it around his neck, so she wrapped it around his wrist, his right wrist. “

Michael was also buried in his iconic white glove, gold belt and sunglasses.