Lady Gaga And Maria Aragon To Sing "Born This Way" Duet


Maria Aragon Feb18newsnea1 300x226 10 Year Old Maria Aragon Covers Born This Way: Gets Lady Gagas Attention! (VIDEO)Maria Aragon, the ten year old girl that covered Lady Gaga’s the Born This Way and got over 5 million hits on You Tube, also got Lady Gaga’s attention. Lady Gaga liked Maria’s cover so much that the two of them will perform a duet next month in Canada.

So how did this happen? Days ago Maria Aragon, a talented young girl (she plays both the piano and the organ) posted a video of herself on YouTube covering Lady Gaga’s overnight hit, Born This Way. It instantly went viral.

The video shows Maria playing the keyboards while singing beautifully. She sings the song like she means it: with conviction, without stumbling over words, and by adding her own twists and personality to it.

After Lady Gaga tweeted about the video, thousands of people flocked to You Tube to watch it. And days later, a Toronto-based radio station arranged a telephone interview with the Maria and Lady Gaga. When Maria learned that one of her idols was on the phone, she was overcome by emotion and was beyond happy.

Lady Gaga invited Maria to perform a duet with the Born This Way next month, and of course, she accepted.

Just goes to show you to dream big because dreams do come true!