Lady Gaga Dangerous Dieting: Is She A Good Role Model?


Lady Gaga has been known for several things: dressing out of the ordinary, killer vocals, and out of this world tunes. But, one thing she has rumored to have kept in the dark is her dangerous dieting habits – not eating at all in order to look good.

Gaga’s former tour manager, David Ciemny, alleges in his upcoming tell-all, Pokerface: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga, that the 24-year-old binged on junk food when not depriving herself of calories altogether.

And he claims that in 2009 alone, the Grammy winner landed in the hospital six times while dieting to slim down. Not once, not twice, but six times last year.

Back in March, fans feared about her health when she nearly collapsed onstage, seemingly exhausted. And in April, the pop star’s rep denied that Gaga was on a bizarre baby-food diet, after rumors circulated that she was subsisting on the small jars of pureed food — rumors that sounded crazy to some.

Gaga has always been an inspiration to her fans, and that could potentially be harmful if these rumors prove to be true. But what would be truly inspiring is if Gaga found a way to be whatever size is healthiest for her, because she could help her little monsters do the same.

Do you children or yourself listen to Lady Gaga?