Lady Gaga Egg Grammys 2011: What Does Her Outfit Mean?!?


Lady Gaga didn’t walk down the Grammys 2011 red carpet. She was carried. In an egg. Yup, the princess of pop decided not to do meat, not to do sequins, she did Lady Gaga the Egg. She was carried by men in yolk colored shorts and skirts along with a Vana White-ish model along side. But arriving in an egg? What kind of meaning does this have? Here are some theories.

– Lady Gaga can’t wait until Easter. Maybe she’s forgoing Valentine’s day and can’t wait for Easter egg hunts and the other Easter high jinx.

– Lady Gaga is going hatch and do some kind of rebirth?

– Lady Gaga is feeling trapped by her game.

– Lady Gaga just wants to surprise and shock us yet again. Yeah, she knows how to get the press!