Lady Gaga Egg: Lady Gaga Arrives at the Grammys as an Egg! Nuts!

lady gaga grammys
Lady Gaga Grammy Arrival

Lady Gaga arrived at tonight’s Grammy Awards in the wackiest “outfit” ever.

No, she didn’t walk the red carpet in another meat dress. Or wrapped in bacon.

This time, she didn’t even walk the red carpet. She was carried…

She showed up completely enclosed in an artificial egg and carried down the red carpet.

Yes you heard right.

I just don’t get this latest stunt of Gaga’s… another theatrical performance or just plain silly?

Inside the egg, Lady Gaga was wearing a black outfit and had with her an oxygen mask, air tank, and a cooling fan.  It can get warm inside an egg, I gather…

I guess later in the evening, she’ll “hatch” and crack out of her shell to perform her new single, “Born This Way”.

Well, I’m sure we can expect something very interesting during her performance!

I think Lady Gaga is way over the top now and totally nuts!