Lady Gaga Egg - Top 5 Guesses on What Gaga Will Tranform Into at the Grammys

lady gaga egg
Lady Gaga Egg

Lady Gaga arrived at tonight’s Grammy Awards completely encased in an artificial egg with promises of a big tranformation later in the evening during her performance of Born This Way

What do you think Lady Gaga will be when her egg finally hatches?

Here are our top five guesses on Lady Gaga’s final Grammy transformation:

A Butterfly – Totally obvious!  The fact that it is obvious makes it totally not Lady Gaga worthy.  While it would be fun to see Gaga dressed as a frilly butterfly, it’s probably not happening tonight.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – In case you didn’t know, that’s Lady Gaga’s real name.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to see Gaga hatch and emerge totally costume and makeup free!

Madonna – Um given the controversy that Born This Way is a rip-off of Express Yourself, it could be fun to see a battle of the divas!

A Chicken – What do you think should come out of an egg??

Justin Bieber – The Biebs is everywhere else these days!

What do you think we’ll see when Lady Gaga’s Grammy Egg finally hatches?

Photo: Grammys