Lady Gaga: Future Stepmom?


lady-gaga-poker-face-baby-239x3001We recently saw Lady Gaga carrying a bizarre accessory — a real live baby — and now we’re finding out more about where that infant came from.

The baby belongs to Matthew Williams, who Gaga has reportedly been dating for the past few months. They first got together over a year ago but couldn’t make the relationship work; Matthew (nicknamed ‘Dada’) then went on to have a child with another woman, while Gaga began dating an entrepreneur named Speedy (don’t any of these people have real names?)

But Gaga and Dada never lost touch, and according to a source love has bloomed once again. “They spend all their time together, and travel everywhere, so it was bound to happen, an insider says. “Speedy dumped her, and Matthew left his girlfriend for Gaga.”

If you remember, Gaga recently told Elle magazine that she wants babies in the future.

Can the relationship work? Is a Gaga-Dada marriage in the cards? Would Lady Gaga be able to handle fame, fortune and a stepson? Stay tuned.