Lady Gaga Goo Goo Baby Clothes! Gaga Tells Jimmy Kimmel She Wants to Have Kids "Some Day" (Video)

lady gaga goo goo baby wear
Lady Gaga Goo Goo baby wear!

Did you see the Lady Gaga Goo Goo baby clothing line on Jimmy Kimmel last night? Check out the video below – could Gaga be moving into a new business venture with her baby line?

The Lady Gaga Goo Goo baby wear was just a Jimmy Kimmel sketch, but we’re kind of partial to the kid with the meat dress and the slice of salami on top!

Lady Gaga also chatted with Jimmy Kimmel last night about touring, recording her album… and yes, the topic of kids came up!

Jimmy Kimmel asked Lady Gaga if she wants to have kids one day.

Gaga does have kids on her radar, noting “Some day…” but adding it’ll be a “long, long day from now.”

Kimmel also asked, “What if one of your children grew up to be not gay. Would you still love that child?”

Gaga jokes, “No… I actually don’t even like you.”

Seems she’s not alone, according to Jimmy!

Could Lady Gaga’s bubble suit become the next H0lly-ween costume craze?

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