Lady Gaga Grammy Awards Arrival - Kinda Cool or Totally Crazy?

lady gaga grammys
Lady Gaga Grammy Arrival

Lady Gaga arrived at tonight’s Grammy Awards completely enclosed in an artificial egg.  There were no moments of posing on the red carpet.  There were no snippy sound bytes.   There was just Gaga putting on a completely theatrical Lady Gaga performance on the red carpet. 

Inside the egg Gaga was donned in some type of black costume compete with an oxygen mask, air tank, and a cooling fan.  The egg itself garnered many photo ops-on its way down the red carpet as it was carried by some partially clothed men.  

Lady Gaga and her entourage stopped momentarily to talk with Ryan Seacrest with Gaga’s “model nurse” doing all the talking about Gaga’s impending rebirth on-stage later in tonight’s performance.   All that was visible of Gaga during the interview was a mere shadow of the star squirming around inside the egg.   If her arrival is any indication, we can certainly expect some major theatrics during her performance!

Lady Gaga is one of those stars who is always looking to kick it up a notch at these awards shows.  Who would forget her infamous meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards?    It always seems to be a very fine line between cool and crazy whenever it comes to Gaga.

What did you think of Lady Gaga’s Grammy Awards Arrival?  Was it kinda cool or totally crazy?