Lady Gaga at Grammy Awards Dressed as a Teletubbie?


Lady Gaga as a Teletubbie? Lady Gaga will wear her most outrageous outfit yet tonight at the Grammy Awards, and the word according to Twitter is that Queen Gaga will come to the Grammys dressed as a Teletubbie.

If this were any other celebrity, I’d write off the Teletubbie buzz as total spam but since it’s Lady Gaga, I’m not ruling it out!

Gaga is known for her over-the-top outfits at award shows, but the Teletubbie look would be a totally new area of weird for the singer! Lady Gaga has arrived at events in dress made of meat, a telephone hat and a bra which shoots fireworks. But a TELETUBBIE?

The UK’s Daily Record calls Lady Gaga’s award fashions “frock shock” and I have to agree.  The woman is a huge talent but I haven’t seen a singer who can promote like Gaga since Madonna!

Just a few days after releasing “Born This Way”, Lady Gaga is set to take the stage and perform the song for the first time at the Grammys. Gaga’s live performances are epic, so it’s hard to imagine what she’ll do to top last year’s Grammy Awards.

Last year at the Grammy Awards, Gaga appeared in sparkly getup from a toxic waste container, singing her “Poker Face.”  Before you could blink, Lady Gaga changed her outfit and returned to the stage covered in ashes—joined by Elton John! The two sat, facing one another, at pianos, playing her piano ballad “Speechless” and Elton’s classic “Your Song.”

I’ll be glued to the TV to see what Lady Gaga will do next.  Stay tuned!