Lady Gaga Might Want Kids Someday. Really?

lady gaga
Lady Gaga & her infamous "Meat Dress"

If I had to make a list of celebrities who should probably never have children, I’d have to put Lady Gaga right near the top of it. Granted, she’s incredibly talented and would no doubt pass on some great musical genes to her offspring, but seriously…can this world handle a mini-Gaga?

I’m not so sure.

She’s gotten quite cozy with her new boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, these days, and now Lady Gaga says that kids may be a possibility for her. She told The Insider, “Some day… long, long day from now… a long time…Not soon. My baby will be my new record.”

It’s good that she doesn’t have babies on the brain quite yet, but are children really ever going to be a good option for someone who wore raw meat as an evening gown?

Lady Gaga may just be going through a creative phase of her life, but if she ever does decide to procreate, I think she’s going to have to dial it down a notch or two.

What do you think?

Photo: PRPhotos