Lady Gaga: Fake Pregnant Baby Bump for Concert, Plus Other Actresses with Fake Bumps! (Video)

Lady Gaga pregnant fake baby bump
Lady Gaga sports fake baby bump in concert!

Though Lady Gaga isn’t pregnant, that didn’t stop her from sporting a fake baby bump for a recent concert.

Check out Lady Gaga in this video clip, emerging with a pregnant baby bump from… a coffin?

Well, it wouldn’t be Lady Gaga if she didn’t do something crazy! Gaga sings and dances with the fake bump during a performance of “Born This Way,” removing her baby belly near the end.

At least we get a glimpse of what Lady Gaga would look like pregnant!

Some other actresses that have been seen with fake baby bumps include Jennifer Lopez in “The Backup Plan,” Lindsay Lohan in that little seen TV movie “Labor Pains,” and both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in “Baby Mama.”

And who can forget the part the bumpy prosthetic played in a season 1 Glee storyline involving Mr. Schue’s wife?

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