Lady Gaga Takes Twitter Crown From Britney - LADY GAGA Victory VIDEO!


Britney Spears has reigned supreme as the queen of Twitter for quite a while now. With over five million followers the pop sensation and mom of two has had the most fans on Twitter. But her reign has ended, she now must pass the tiara and scepter to the new queen of social media, the one and only Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga first surpassed Britney on Friday, but then Britney fans rallied and got her back on top on Saturday. As of Sunday morning, Lady Gaga is up to 5,715,266 and Britney is at 5,691,019. And Lady Gaga’s lead in on track to keep on growing.

And it looks as if Lady Gaga is confident about her reigning supreme over Twitterland! She posted an “Inaugural message to all her Little Monsters as the newly crowned Queen of Twitter, live from backstage at The Monster Ball in Tacoma!” Complete with sparkly Twitter crown and glowing wand while totally channeling Glinda.

Check out the video here!