Lady Gaga Talks to Oprah: Wanting a Baby Bump and a Soccer Team of Kids (Rare Photos of Gaga!)

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta playing the piano at a young age.

One of the most famous women in the world sat down with another of the world’s most famous women to talk bullying, creativity, love, pregnancy and parenthood.

Last night on Oprah’s Next Chapter Lady Gaga gave the queen of interviewing unparallelled access to her childhood home and spoke to her about everything from her childhood and being bullied to her creative process and how she eventually wants a soccer team of kids.

At just 25 Lady Gaga seems wise beyond her years. She spoke about growing up and being bullied, about learning to accept herself and about how happy she is with her life right now.

Considering her wild child image, you’d think Lady Gaga would attempt to come off as a tortured artist who must suffer for her art and yeah, she kind of puts that stiletto forward, but she also appears to be an extremely articulate, self-aware, well-adjusted young woman who has a fantastic relationship with her parents. In fact, her relationship with her parents, Cynthia and Joseph, is so obviously wonderful and she speaks so highly of them that Oprah remarks about how Gaga is making loving your parents cool again. Cynthia, who has been married to Joseph for nearly 30 years, also spoke to Oprah about how they always knew their daughter was going places even though sometimes they thought she “had a screw loose”.

Click onward to see rare photos of Gaga as a child and teen!

When Oprah asked Gaga about her love life the pop superstar declined to say too much other than she’s spectacularly happy and eventually wants a husband and a “soccer team of kids”. She says experiencing pregnancy is something she very much looks forward to when the time is right.

Any “Little Monsters” Gaga has will be lucky to call her mom. She’s a compassionate, brilliant woman who is walking the walk, talking the talk and putting her money where her mouth is what with the creation of her Born This Way Foundation. Go Gaga!

Take a look at the revealing interview photos below, including photos of Gaga in her childhood home with her mom and Oprah, pictures of Gaga as a child, teen and more.

  • Born This Way 1 of 20
    Born This Way
    Gaga meets with Oprah before the two of them introduce her Born This Way Foundation at Harvard
  • Mother and Daughter 2 of 20
    Mother and Daughter
    Gaga and her mom Cynthia, who Gaga says helped her create the Born This Way Foundation.
  • Welcome To Our Home 3 of 20
    Welcome To Our Home
    Oprah stops by Gaga's childhood home (where her parents still live) on Manhattan's Upper West Side.
  • Gaga is Homeless 4 of 20
    Gaga is Homeless
    Gaga tells Oprah she travels so much she still hasn't bought her own place and still sleeps in her childhood bedroom when in New York City.
  • The Tour 5 of 20
    The Tour
    When Oprah admires a glass display case containing Gaga's many awards Cynthia tells her they have a rule: for each item of Gaga's that is showcased there is also an item of her younger sister's (Natali) on display.
  • Tea Time 6 of 20
    Tea Time
    The women have tea and discuss Gaga's childhood. Gaga has said her singing idol was Whitney Houston and as a child she would stand at the top of the staircase and belt out the national anthem like Houston famously did at the Olympics.
  • Cynthia and Oprah 7 of 20
    Cynthia and Oprah
    Cynthia tells Oprah that when she first saw her daughter in the wild outfits she's become known for she didn't even recognize her.
  • Girl Time 8 of 20
    Girl Time
    Gaga very obviously has an excellent relationship with her mom.
  • Cynthia Germanotta 9 of 20
    Cynthia Germanotta
    Amazing that despite her daughters millions she and her husband have chosen to stay in the same smallish apartment in Manhattan.
  • Oprah is Impressed 10 of 20
    Oprah is Impressed
    Throughout the interview Oprah seemed very impressed by Gaga's relationship with her parents, at one point saying "You're making loving your parents cool again".
  • That’s A Lot of Followers 11 of 20
    That's A Lot of Followers
    Oprah notes that at nearly 20 million followers, Gaga has more Twitter pals than anyone else on the planet.
  • Touchy Feely? 12 of 20
    Touchy Feely?
    If you happened to watch the interview, did you notice how touchy feely Oprah was with Cynthia? In nearly every segment she was putting her arm around her, swiping a hair out of her face etc...
  • Gaga Wants Babies. Lots of Babies. 13 of 20
    Gaga Wants Babies.  Lots of Babies.
    Gaga says she wants to experience pregnancy and have a "soccer team" of children.
  • Touch-Ups 14 of 20
    Gaga also told Oprah that she's ready to dive into her next album and this will be her last interview for a long time.
  • Little Stefani 15 of 20
    Little Stefani
    Gaga's mom said she started playing at 5-years-old.
  • Piano Playing 16 of 20
    Piano Playing
    ... and she kept at it! Practice makes perfect.
  • Super Talent 17 of 20
    Super Talent
    Gaga says a typical Saturday night at her home as a teen consisted of her parents drinking wine together in the living room while her sister did her homework and Gaga played the piano.
  • Gigging Around Town 18 of 20
    Gigging Around Town
    Gaga during a gig as a teen on the Lower East Side of Manhattan
  • Gaga Gets Experimental 19 of 20
    Gaga Gets Experimental
    Around 2006 Gaga got increasingly experimental, performing in bars as a Go-Go dancer in little more than a bikini.
  • Sisters 20 of 20
    Gaga and her little sister, Natali. Gaga tells Oprah her biggest fear is something bad happening to her family as a result of her fame and strong opinions.

Photos: Pacific Coast News.