Landon Donovan's Wife Not Surprised by his Love Child News


Landon Donovan, Bianca

When reports broke this morning that soccer hunk Landon Donovan may have fathered a British woman’s yet-to-be-born child, the news shocked his fans. To be fair, most of us fans had never heard of Donovan before this World Cup. And we’ll probably forget about him soon afterwards (in the internet age, fame is fickle). Yet this summer, he’s an A-Lister, and we’re following his every move.

While we were shocked, however, apparently his wife, Bianca Kajlich, wasn’t surprised at all. The Landon Donovan—Bianca Kajich story gets more curious by the hour. 

Donovan and Kajlich have been separated since last summer, but all signs have been pointing to  them reconciling. And the Landon Donovan love-child development doesn’t seem to have derailed this reconciliation. Bianca “was not blindsided by this and isn’t angry,” a source tells

Donovan may actually come out a winner in this scandal. “I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support,” he said to about the baby. A megastar admitting paternity even before a test? And offering to pay up? If only all of the philandering men could be so kind. Plus, to Landon’s credit, he was separated at the time that he impregnated his accuser.

The photo above is of Landon and Bianca in steadier times.

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