Larry Birkhead Says Daughter Daniellyn Is Beginning To Ask Tough Questions About Mom Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead and Daniellyn

Talk about a tough one. Single dad Larry Birkhead has revealed that his 6-year-old daughter Daniellyn is beginning to ask questions about her mother, glamour model Anna Nicole Smith, who died nearly five years ago. The former photographer says the little kindergartner first became inquisitive during a recent trip to the Bahamas when the two visited her mother and her brother Daniel’s graves and Daniellyn asked her father why her mother passed away so early in her life.

Larry tells Good Morning America:

“[Dannielynn] said, “Why did mommy die?” Larry said. “And I said ‘You know, the doctors couldn’t fix her. But if you’re good … you’ll get to see her someday.'”

“I hope that she understands that no one’s perfect and people have triumphs and people have tragedies,” he said, adding that he wants to make sure Dannielynn understands what happened to her mother, and “make things a cautionary tale.”

Larry also adds:

“She made a Mother’s Day card at school and I said, ‘Do you want to make it for your mom in, you know, heaven?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’ But then she brought it to me and she says, ‘You can have it and maybe you can give it to your new wife.”


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