Larry Birkhead Was Told To Give The Real Story


Larry-Dannielynn-birkheadLarry Birkhead got an earful from the prosecutor in the case against Howard K. Stern. He told Larry that he needed to step up his game and “ramp it up” while testifying.

What exactly does that mean?

He said, “I felt the district attorney was frustrated. She said I should bite my tongue. She then went into a long speech about my daughter, and how there was going to be something wrong with her. She said my daughter is going to be frustrated in learning and I should find something she excels in. She said she had studied the way the brain was made up.”

He was mad because she intimated that Dannielynn was going to have learning disability, but says his testimony will not be affected.

This whole case is crazy. I would be surprised if Howard K. Stern doesn’t get some sort of punishment, but I would be more surprised if was more then a slap on the wrist.

Poor little Dannielynn, I’m just hoping she was affected by the drugs Anna Nicole used while she was in-utero.